Francesca & Cameron || Our Little Secret.

Francesca couldn’t believe what she had done; asking Cameron to hang out. It was the first time she had ever taken initiative. It was great feeling for her to have control over something; which was a rare feeling. Something about him pushed her to go for it. He was quite the charmer and Francesca found herself swooning over him immediately after she had met him. His persistent compliments made her feel confident about herself which couldn’t have been a greater thing. The last thing she wanted was for Cameron to find out about her insecurities. In his eyes, she must’ve seemed like the opposite and that gave her a great sense of relief. 

Being around for a month, Francesca needed something to keep herself preoccupied from all the troubles back home and she really believed she found it. Snowboarding and fingers crossed, Cameron. Sliding into her winter boots, Francesca refused to look into the mirror. She knew if she did, she would have wasted another hour or so stressing about what she could change into that would make her look somewhat attractive. Leaving her hotel room, she made her way down to the lobby. As it was her choice on where they should head, Francesca wasn’t quite sure on where to go, still being new to the town, she knew nothing about the resort not town. Go wherever and see where we’re lead. She thought to herself as stepped out into the cold.

Not giving Cameron a direct address on where to meet her, she decided to walk to the grocery store instead to meet up with him. The streets weren’t all that busy but there were quite a few teenagers here and there enjoying their winter break. One thing she never really thought she would be having when she got here, was fun. This trip was due to her parents guilt about their divorce. Trying to forget all about it, she shoved her cold blooded hands into the pocket and walked down towards the store. The best thing about the town was that it was small and everything was close to each other; making it easier to get to one place from another. Nearing closer to the store, nerves started to take over. God, he’s just a guy, Frankie. It’s cool. She tried to keep calm as she entered the store, hearing the bell.